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Service Rates

Unlike most website development and graphic design firms, we post our prices on our website.  We believe that in order for a potential customer to make the right decision, all service fees should be fully disclosed.

Website Development Packages

For the best price, please call 1-87-SELF-EDIT to speak with an expert and they will be able to tell you exactly how much your project will cost. (Price discounts may apply for multiple websites)


Package Name Avg.Timeframe
Single (1 page)
only a few days
$ 297.00
Micro (3 pages) only a few days $ 597.00
Lite (5 hours) less then 1 week $ 997.00
Lite Plus (10 hours) 1 week $ 1,497.00
Advanced (20 hours) 1 - 2 weeks $ 2,697.00
Professional (30 hours) 2 weeks $ 3,497.00
Enterprise (40 hours) 3-4 weeks $ 4,697.00
Registered Non-Profit
Church/Non-Profit Pricing
or Call: 1-87-SELF-EDIT


Graphic & Print Design

Each graphic design project can be bundled with any of the above website development packages.  Please call 1-87-SELF-EDIT right now to have a custom package created for you.


Package Name Avg.Timeframe
Logo less then 1 week
$ 197.00
Business Card (per side)
1 week
$ 297.00
Brochure / Handout (per panel) 3 days
$ 357.00
Newsletter / Magazine (per page) 4 days $ 197.00
Letterhead 1 week $ 297.00
HTML Email Template less then 1 week $ 197.00
Email Signature less then 1 week
$ 157.00
Postcard / Bookmark (per side)
1 week $ 297.00
Full Corporate Identity includes:
Logo, Letterhead, Business Card
2 weeks $ 597.00


Self-Edit Hosting Packages

All Self-Edit hosting packages come with statistics, email addresses, shared SSL secure server, unlimited* storage space, unlimited* visitor traffic and unlimited one-on-one coaching support 24 hours a day.  When you need help, be it night or day, an expert is here to assist you with your problem or concern. 

Please note that most clients use our Bronze hosting package. 
Silver, Gold and Platinum are reserved for those needing to host multiple websites.


Package Name Websites
Bronze 1 $ 55.00
Silver 2 $ 85.00
Gold 3 $ 120.00
Platinum (minimum 4) per Website $ 35.00
Registered Non-Profit 1 $ 30.00


* Unlimited storage space and unlimited visitor traffic is based on reasonable usage amounts. 

Domain Name Registration and Renewals

We can register/renew/transfer any domain name extensions.  Here is pricing for the most common domain names.  All our registrations are Self-Edit Private registrations.  At no time, will you ever receive spam for owning a domain as with other domain name registration services.


Domain Name Type
.com / .net / .org
$ 30.00
.info / .biz / .name
$ 30.00
.ca / .us / .asia
$ 50.00


Professional Copy/Content Writing Services

Our writers works in tandem with the graphic designer, which means that we can handle many projects, such as brochures, entirely in-house. This also includes overseeing the complete printing process. We can write, edit, or proofread just about anything you need for your business. Our professional writers / editors specializes in the following areas:


Content Type
Writing Content for Websites $75 - $300 per 100 words
Editing and Developing Existing Content for Websites
$30 - $100 per 100 words
Reviewing Existing Content & Offering Recommendations $15 - $30 per 100 words
Performing a Website Specification $300 - $1000 per 100 words
Writing Sales Letters $50 - $100 per 100 words
Press Releases $200 - $500
Brochure Content $200 - $300 per panel
Corporate Newsletters $200 - $400 per page


 For other projects such as annual reports, please call 1-877-353-3348 and speak with an expert.




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