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Website Construction Website Construction

Take a moment and imagine . . .
Having complete, personal control
over your website construction.

Imagine . . . making any website construction changes, whenever you want. 24/7, 365 days a year.

Imagine . . . adding new pages, updating price lists, introducing new products, and informing your mailing list.

Imagine . . . updating your web site from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world.

Imagine . . . altering your website construction content until it's just exactly how you want it.

Imagine . . . not having to learn any complicated special software or programming languages to do so.

Imagine . . . never calling web technicians and pleading with them to make changes on your site.

Imagine . . . not having to wait weeks for a change. Only to discover that it’s not quite what you wanted.

Imagine . . . complete, personal control of your web site content.

Website Construction Imagine . . .

Many business owners are no longer imagining. They’ve taken control of their website construction by using Self-Edit™ Technology. If you know how to use a Word Processor, you CAN update your website construction. You can upload pictures, update pricing, write your mailing list, or even add a new product to your storefront!
“Thank you,, for making website construction so easy, in spite of the fact that we had no experience with designing web pages.”

“The staff at Self-Edit are very knowledgeable and our web site turned out fantastic. They were exceptionally helpful by first assessing our needs then providing us with creative suggestions and insightful guidance. We appreciate their continued support, as it allows us to stay current with any changes that are needed to keep our web page up-to-date.”

- Mick Hurd, Owner, Harbour City Contact Lens Services

We know what it takes to create powerful website construction that will increase sales, enhance customer relationships and improve your everyday business activities. The bottom line is, our patented Self-Edit™ Technology helps to make your business run more efficiently by saving you time and money. With Self-Edit™ there's no longer a need for your company to hire a full time web development staff to keep your website construction up to date.
In fact, most tasks are only two clicks away.
Click...Click... New Picture Added
Click...Click... New Product Added
Click...Click... New Page Added
Click...Click... Prices Updated

Website Construction... It's That Easy!

How would you like to be able to update your website yourself? How would you like it if there was no extra cost to do this? Now you can take control of your website construction and update it any time of the day or night instantly!

No kidding, with today’s technology it doesn’t take some computer genius to update your web site, you can do it completely yourself without learning any programming languages.
I am writing to say how pleased I am with our Self-Edit™ program.

I... studied web design & took web design courses but found that getting everything up and running was too time-consuming for an extremely busy ‘one-girl office.’

Self-Edit makes it all so easy and you don’t need to know anything about web design. Your technicians’ patience and their ability to explain things in terms that can be understood is very much appreciated... especially... when we were starting up.

- Carolyn Pera, Administrative Assistant, St. Matthews Anglican Church

You don't have to imagine anymore.

It's easy to get started... and there is NO obligation.

To find out how to start using your Self-Edit™ website construction just complete the simple form below or call (toll free):



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