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Self-Edit Websites all come equipped with powerful plug-ins that help make maintaining your website quick and easy.  Currently there are over 50 powerful plug-ins, including:

  • Announcements - display important notices or announcements.
  • Banner Rotator - rotates and reports page views for each banner.
  • Business Directory - a categorized list of contact information for businesses.
  • Events Calendar - sophisticated calendar for listing single or multi-day events.
  • Classified Ads - allow users to update / post and pay for ads.
  • Download Center - supports multiple types of files and documents.
  • Email Forms - visitors can fill out interactive forms that are emailed to any address.
  • F.A.Q. - organized all your frequently answered questions on one or multiple pages.
  • Guestbook - allow visitors to leave a private or public message on your website.
  • Links - add links to other websites in unlimited different categories.
  • Mailing List - supports send out emails to a group of users.
  • Media Center - allow users to watch streaming audio and video from your website.
  • Newsletter - post and archive your newsletters in both web and PDF format.
  • Photo Gallery - create thumbnails and have them displayed in galleries.
  • Random Quotes - use our pre-loaded quotes or add your own.
  • Random Pictures - show a slideshow or random group of pictures on any page.
  • Search - allows visitors to search your entire website.
  • Survey - collect complex information and view statistics of the results.
  • Site Membership - have a password protected membership area of your website.
  • Shopping Cart Storefront  - users add your products to the shopping card for purchase.
  • User Poll - ask your visitors a question through an interactive poll.
  • Testimonials - organizes and displays text/voice testimonials.

For the history of Self-Edit Technology, please visit: What is Self-Edit Technology?

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